Membership Center Benefits


•  Minimum 100% membership of teaching staff and Director

•  Teaching Assistants/Aides may be Entry Level Members


Benefits Include, but are not limited to:

  • Reserved Center Table(s) at the Annual Conference and Spring Awards (For Meals and/or Keynote)
  • Discount on many local fee-based services (See Menu of Services)
  • Free Entry to “Staff Evaluation” T&TA Event for Directors
  • Parent letter explaining your investment in quality
  • Program highlight on OCAEYC Social Media
  • OCAEYC Membership Certificate and decal to display at your program
  • Social Media Badge
  • Recognition on select print materials
  • Representation as a Membership Center at OCAEYC Board Meetings
  • Fundraising strategies for raising funds for membership costs
  • On-Site Professional Growth Advising Support 
  • Pretend City 25% Fall Field Trip Discount
  • Child Creativity Lab Discount
  • Other local discounts as developed

NAEYC/OCAEYC Membership Categories

Entry Level:  $30/Yr

Standard:  $69/Yr

Premium:  $150/Yr

Family:  $35/Yr 


Member Center Application


Additional Group Discounts and Benefits are available for groups larger than 50 through NAEYC. For more information, please contact Jim Carter, Sales Manager, NAEYC Group Sales at Groups must be larger than 50. Programs may combine but must be a single payer. Entry Level and Family memberships are not eligible for a group discount.


For questions regarding local group membership benefits, please contact

Jennifer Burrell, OCAEYC Executive Director, at