We are all part of the ECE Community in Orange County.

We are a big, beautiful, diverse network of people that care about and work with children ages 0-8 , and we often have different interests, needs, and priorities.


OCAEYC is trying to help you find your people by creating special interest groups.

 Please let us know which are most interesting and relevant to you and

we will help get you together through social media and in person! 





Are you always the only man in the room?

Would you like to connect with other men in the field?



Are you between the ages of 20-30? The Young Professionals Advisory Group helps OCAEYC meet the needs of our younger members. Interested in helping us stay current?
Are you an early educator and also part of the LGBT community? Connect with others and help support Safe ECE Zones.
Faith-Based Teachers
Do you work in a faith-based program? Would you like to find more ways to teach faith in developmentally appropriate ways?
Faith-Based Directors
Do you struggle to find financial support for your program? Join this group to help find ways to increase options for faith-based programs.
Are you a Family Child Care Provider looking to get new ideas? Would you like to connect with others nearby?
ECE Mental Health
Are you a mental health professional working with young children? Have you had special training in the pyramid model?
ECE Family Support Positions
Do you work with families of young children providing resources and support? Join this group to meet others like yourself!
Alternative Settings
Do you work with children 0-8 in a library, museum, learning link, or other non-preschool program? Would you like to share ideas with others in the same boat?
Reggio Roundtable
Love Reggio and Constructivism? Want to share ideas with others? (This group is already very active! Let us know if you would like to join them!)
Are you an infant teacher? Would you like to connect with other infant teachers to share ideas and best practices?
Do you work with toddlers? Are you looking to connect with other toddler teachers to share ideas and best practices?
T-K Teachers unite! Need T-K specific ideas and practices?
Do you struggle to provide developmentally appropriate activities in today’s rigorous academic environment? Connect with others looking to do right by their schools and their children.
New teachers
School Readiness Nurses
Adjunct/Part-time College Faculty
Grad Students
Mentor Teachers
En Espanol
ECE Coaches
ECE Consultants
ECE Office Mates
ECE Advocates
Special Educators
Accredited Programs
I love ECE Data!
OC Early Learning Specialists
Outsiders (We Love to be Outside)
Bookworms (Book Club)




What are we missing? Let us know!

Please email jburrell@ocaeyc.com

to get connected!